Our vision



Our Vision

We have always produced natural wine. We have never been conventional vintners.
Obviously we have the organic certificate but we want to go beyond organic.
The wine must in fact be unique and unrepeatable like its territory.
Today too many foods and beverages have been globalized and taste the same from New York to Tokyo.

Our mission is to be as authentic as possible and make wines like human beings: similar but not the same.
We are part of Vinnatur, an association of natural vintners with far stricter standards than what the European community allows.

Just think that the quantity of sulphites present in our wines is 39 milligrams against the 300 regularly admitted.
We have never used chemicals neither in the vineyard nor in the cellar.
Our main grapes are Trebbiano for the whites and Sangiovese for the reds, although we also have Merlot, Malvasia, Colorino and San Colombana.

Our peculiarity is to make fermented whites in contact with the skins: an ancient Etruscan technique that we have rediscovered.
This is how our orange wine, Anatraso, is also born, obtained from fifty-year-old vines.
According to the University of Siena, with which we collaborate, our Trebbiano vineyard would even be 110 years old; this would make it the oldest in Tuscany.

Our best Sangiovese comes from a vineyard located at 600 meters above sea level with perfect south-east exposure and a unique microclimate.

From here comes Mammi, an authentic pure Sangiovese (obtained from a blend of 7 different Sangiovese genotypes) and Pianelli di Mammi, a rare example of “governo alla Toscana”.